Allegations Of Students Racially Abused During Roxbury Prep High School Football Game

By Kevin Rue –

Roxbury Prep wide receivers football coach Jamaal Hunt took to his social media over the weekend to share how he felt about his players being mistreated. It all happened Friday night during a high school football game between Georgetown and Roxbury Prep.

“Felt like I was in a 1960s film last night, but it was reality happening in front of my face,” Hunt said about allegations that “racially charged language” was used when a fight broke out during the game.

Georgetown school officials have confirmed that there was a “physical altercation” during Friday night’s game that involved players from both teams and several coaches.

“I’m still numb, but this is America,” Hunt said in his Facebook post. Georgetown school officials say that there are many versions of what happened at the game “swirling around on social media” and asked for “calm and patience” as they continue to investigate and arrive at a resolution.

As for Coach Hunt, well he says “The fact that there was nothing I could do to protect my boys hurt the most. I broke down, I watched racism ruin something that was supposed to be good to them.”

Roxbury Prep head football coach Willie McGinnis and associate head coach David Duane, on Monday confirmed what Hunt had said over the weekend. Both coaches said that their team was racially abused during the game, and that nothing was done about it after raising the issue to Georgetown school officials.

This isn’t the first racial incident involving the Georgetown public schools. In 2016, the image of a swastika was discovered on the Middle School football field, also under the leadership of Superintendent of Schools Carol Jacobs. 

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