Rhode Island Rams Lose 1-0 Against Fordham Rams

By Tiffany Williams –

At Houlihan Park in the Bronx on Saturday, the Fordham Rams hosted the Rhode Island Rams in a 1-0 win for Fordham.

This was a game of good pitching for both URI and Fordham. For URI, Braden Perry threw for seven, allowed two hits and struck out five. Zach Fernandez closed, throwing 1.2, allowing 4-1 and striking out three. For Fordham, Austin Sachen started and threw 6.2, allowing only four hits and striking out ten. Aric Berg closed for Fordham, throwing 2.1, allowing only one hit and striking out three. 

The solo run of the game came at the bottom of the ninth with Sahler hitting a single for Fordham to left center, helping Vallario get to second, Selinger get to third and Findlay making it over the plate for a walkoff win.

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