28 New Police Recruits Report To Worcester Police Academy And 2 New Police Officers Are Sworn In

By Tiffany Williams –

Three days after 28 recruits reported for their first day at the Worcester Police Academy, two new police officers were sworn in early Thursday morning at City Hall in Worcester. Police officers Dillon George and Ryan Belinskas were sworn in by Worcester City Manager Eric Batista.

Officer George joins the Worcester Police Department after six years as a police officer at Quinsigamond Community College. He was pinned by his father Chris George who is also a Worcester Police Sergeant. 

Officer Belinskas joins the Worcester Police Department after completing the Quinsigamond Community College Police Academy. His mother, Nancy Belinskas pinned his badge on. 

As for the 28 new police recruits who reported to the Worcester Police Academy Monday morning, they are Class 09-22, and over the next six months they will will complete a demanding program of physical and classroom instruction to join the most professional crime fighters in the nation to advance the cause of safety and justice in Worcester, living the values of integrity, service, and pride.

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