Director’s Message – Arrest Of William Pope-Dedrick By Boston Police

Great work over the weekend by officers with the Boston Police assigned to districts E-13 and C-6. While executing a search warrant on Saturday morning, officers recovered a loaded Taurus 9mm High-Capacity Firearm with one round in the chamber and thirteen rounds in the magazine, a digital scale, thirteen plastic wrappers of what appeared to be crack cocaine and approximately $800.00. While the weight of the narcotics doesn’t rise to the level of federal charges, I believe that the new Suffolk County District Attorney, Kevin Hayden will make sure that this case is successfully prosecuted.

Massachusetts has for years been the primary gateway for illegal drugs into Northern New England. The investigation leading to the execution of this search warrant and the arrest of William Pope-Dedrick on Saturday, clearly illustrates a ‘cocaine highway’ running from our Southern States, through Massachusetts, to Northern New England States. These investigations and arrests throughout the Commonwealth are vital in impacting the traffic on that cocaine highway to significantly diminish the availability of cocaine in Massachusetts and Northern New England.

I have said it before and I’ll say it always, that community welfare is always restored whenever drugs of any type, whether its heroin, fentanyl, cocaine, or methamphetamine, are taken out of the hands of street level drug dealers. At every level of law enforcement these offenders must be pursued and brought to justice. Their only purpose is to destroy our children, families, and communities for their own personal gain.

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