Director’s Message – MLK Day 2022

The words of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. ring just as true today as they did decades ago when he traveled the country, advocating a message of freedom, equality, and liberty for all.

Never before has one person had an impact on our country quite like the one he produced – let us not take it for granted. Especially now, we cannot forget that the fight for equal opportunity, equal justice, and an equal voice in our democracy never ends.

Let us all utilize his message of nonviolence and optimism to reinvigorate his trailblazing message. As this country faces rising incidents of bigotry and violence and exclusion, we must remember what Dr. King taught us – that our common humanity binds us as compassionate, engaged citizens, as brothers and sisters, and that the strength of our communities depends upon that bond.

His legacy inspires us as we build a stronger, safer, more just Massachusetts.

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