Director’s Message – Lynn Police Department

The situation with the Lynn Police Department, I believe was handled the right way. Those asking for an independent investigation led by the US Attorney’s office, I think that is an over reaction and an over reach.

From the internal investigation to the decisions made by the Chief that led to an officer being fired and others resigning, people should have confidence in the internal investigation system at the Lynn Police Department.

Chief Reddy put aside his personal feelings and relationships with the officers involved and did his job as Chief of department.

Everyone gets it, what these officers did was unacceptable and everyone, including Chief Reddy understands that any officer who has been entrusted to uphold the laws of the Commonwealth, and who so wantonly abuses that trust to the public, can damage years of community-police relations not only for the Lynn Police Department but for all police departments in Massachusetts.

The actions of these officers, is in no way representative of the great work done every day by officers in other departments like Boston, Cambridge, Brookline, Winthrop and Chelsea.

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