Worcester Red Sox Sending 2 Kids From Pawtucket To The World Series In Atlanta

From left to right: Pawtucket natives 11-year-old Michael Cute, with his dad Matt, and 13-year-old Jeremy Torres, with his dad Juan Luis.
Photo Credit: Worcester Red Sox

By Tiffany Williams –

The Worcester Red Sox will carry on a tradition that began in 1950 with sending two kids from Pawtucket to the World Series. The annual tradition was started by former New York Giants Hank Soar. The City of Pawtucket took it over and eventually the Pawtucket Red Sox who now the Worcester Red Sox took it over.

The tradition has been going for 71 years and this year, the Worcester Red Sox have selected Michael Cute, 11, and Jeremy Torres, 13. Both kids will be accompanied by their fathers, Matthew Cute and Juan Luis Torres Caquias on an all-expense-paid trip to see Games 3 and 4 of the 2021 World Series at Truist Park in Atlanta, GA, this Friday and Saturday night.

In a statement, Donald R. Grebien the Mayor of Pawtucket said, “It means so much for our youth to be able to have this opportunity and I am glad that the WooSox will be continuing to provide this great experience.”

The Worcester Red Sox say that the two kids were chosen during a Boys & Girls Club group outing at Polar Park this season.

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