Worcester Red Sox Beat Syracuse Mets 7-6

By Tiffany Williams –

The WooSox are back in town and oh boy they were looking like they were going to lose this one but down to the wire, they pulled off a 7-6 win over the Syracuse Mets.

What a game this was at Polar Park Tuesday night in the Canal District. At the top of the 2nd it was a 2-0, Syracuse game. Bottom of the third it was a 2-1, Syracuse game. Bottom of the the fourth, the WooSox pulled away from Syracuse to make it a 4-2, WooSox game. at the top of the sixth, Syracuse made it a tie game as they got two runs in to make it 4-4. At the top of the 8th, Syracuse got two run in to make to take the lead, making it a 6-4, Syracuse game. The WooSox were determined to win this tonight but to get that W, they had make three great offensive plays and they did. Jeremy Rivera, Yairo Munoz and Delino DeShields all scored in the bottom of the 9th to seal tonights win.

The WooSox and the Syracuse Mets will meet again Wednesday afternoon at 12:15 PM. Wednesday’s early start for game 2 of 6 Against the Syracuse Mets is part of the WooSox “Camp Day” games at Polar Park.

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