Governor Baker Not Invited To Obama Birthday Bash And Speaking Out Against It

By Linda Hilson –

Former President Barack Obama will be turning 60 on Wednesday but a party for him, will not be until this upcoming weekend and it will be on Martha’s Vineyard.

Tuesday, Governor Charlie Baker spoke out against Obama’s party which is expected to have several hundred people in attendance. “I think 700 people at an event like that is not a good idea,” Baker said.

Baker also said that COVID can still be dangerous for people with multiple health conditions and older people, even if vaccinated.

When asked on Monday about Obama’s birthday party, White House press secretary Jen Psaki said Martha’s Vineyard is currently considered at moderate, not high or substantial, risk for COVID-19 spread. She also said the party will have testing requirements and other measures in place.

A White House official has confirmed that President Biden will not be attending Obama’s birthday party on Martha’s Vineyard. They also said, “While President Biden is unable to attend this weekend, he looks forward to catching up with former President Obama soon and properly welcoming him into the over 60 club.”

When asked on Tuesday if he was invited to Obama’s birthday party, Governor Baker said no.

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