South High Takes A Beaten By Leicester Wolverines

By Michael Jerry – 

It’s always a good time when you’re dominating your opponent. Your ego is unleashed and life is good. However, the true test of character comes when you taste the other side of that spoon. Of course, you’re not going to have the same jovial presence when you follow up your 35-12 victory with a 39-7 beat down but can you evaluate your game plan, assess your strengths and deficits, and take a whooping in stride as you get prepared to be better for next week’s opponent? 

That remains to be seen for the LaRose father/son combo on Airport Hill. So far, it was a bad case of ain’t no fun when the rabbit got the gun. Worcester Daily News was fortunate enough to get post game remarks from the two after they mopped the Rockets 35-12 led by Sophomore standout, Angelo LaRose’s 5 TD, 300 yrds. We discussed the RB’s “Madden” like performance and the defensive shutout. I did mention Auburn’s ability to pass on the Colonels defense and what seemed to be meager options after #6. Coach LaRose assured me they were multidimensional and were prepared for all competition. All smiles and dope energy. 

That wasn’t the case under the Friday Night Lights at Commerce Bank Field at Foley Stadium when the Cherry Hill Backyard Brawl turned into a Massacre. We got the stiff arm post game when we set up the tripod to discuss the South High no show. The very same thing I pointed out the previous week was front and center Friday night. The Leicester Wolverines keyed in on Angelo and made the back who looked like a future Heisman candidate a week ago look like a Sophomore playing varsity as he had to put in extra work to gain 2 or 3 yards down after down. And, that was sprinkled in amongst 3 and 5 yard losses, penalties and turnovers such as the nail in the coffin 70 yard pick 6 right before halftime to put the Colonels down 4 scores. 

Second half was same sh*t, same toilet. The Wolverines defense smothered any offensive attempt, forcing punts and turnovers which was immediately followed by a methodical drive resulting in touchdowns. About late 3rd quarter, the Leicester coach, Jeff Parcells, called the dogs off and put in the backups and the Colonels finally got on the board with a tackle breaking run by Angelo LaRose. Final score Leicester Wolverines 39 – South High Colonels 7. I’m eager to see what Coach LaRose has up his sleeve for big bad Northbridge this Saturday at 3pm @ Commerce. 

Not to be overlooked in this story is the claim from my colleague, who is a brilliant Transwoman, that she was boldly and mercilessly heckled by a number of fans in the Leicester support section at Commerce Bank Field at Foley Stadium. She asserts that very audible and prominent insults were hurled at her referring to her as “Tranny this and Tranny that”. The slurs could be heard on the playing field where my colleague was working. I would estimate the field is hundreds of feet from the stands with fans, which means the alleged perpetrators would have been yelling the hate speech in earshot of other Wolverines supporters. I am following up with Leicester High for comments on the issue. 

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