Non Striking Nurses At Saint Vincent Hospital Raise $3000 For Local Youth Organization Teaching Tolerance And Embracing Diversity

By Jerry Filmore Jr. –

In a statement released Friday morning by Saint Vincent Hospital, Nurses still working and who have not walked off the job at the hospital, Saint Vincent Hospital says, “Have been speaking out about bullying and intimidation, and they are now turning that into a positive campaign.”

The Hospital says that after the nurses experienced bullying from their striking co-workers, a new slogan came to mind. “Supporting Colleagues Above Bullying,” or SCAB, is a positive variation of the word “scab,” which is a name that many employees at Saint Vincent Hospital have been called by their colleagues during the nurses’ strike.

The new slogan, the hospital says that Nurses from the Emergency Department came up with the idea for the T-shirts and gave them away for a $15 donation. The Hospitals says that the $3000 raised will go to a local youth organization that teaches tolerance and embraces diversity.

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