“Gabby’s Light”, A Dedication To Honor Gabriella “Gabby” Lowell

By Danielle LaShomb –

On June 12 2018, less than half a mile from home, Gabriella “Gabby” Lowell was walking home from McDonalds when she was struck and killed by then 21 year old Tyler Hamilton. 

Wednesday, city officials, including Mayor Joseph M. Petty, City Manager Edward M. Augustus Jr., District 2 City Councilor George Russell and Worcester District Attorney Joseph D. Early Jr., dedicated a newly constructed light, “Gabby’s Light”, and plaque in honor of “Gabby” Lowell. The flashing lights were installed to illuminate the dimly lit street and alert drivers of pedestrians. 

When asked what this dedication means to her, Alyson Lowell said, “It actually means the world to me, I couldn’t have asked for a better dedication to Gab. She deserves this light and it’s gonna always shine on in her memory.”

With city officials and loved ones by her side Alyson Lowell pressed the button for “Gabby’s Light” and together, they crossed the street where “Gabby’s” precious life was taken and new hope was built.

“Gabby lit up a room. It’s fitting that she has a light in her honor. I know that she’s smiling down from heaven, happy that she could potentially save someone from the same fate as her” said Gabby’s mother, Alyson Lowell, during the ceremony.

The driver from that fateful night, Tyler Hamilton, admitted to looking at a text message prior to hitting Lowell and investigators state that Hamilton’s vehicle was traveling at 42miles per hour in a 30 mile per hour zone. 
Pointing to the spot where her daughter was struck, Alyson Lowell stressed the dangers of distracted driving. , “She flew 66 feet in the air. That is the reality of texting and driving. I ask you to please put down your phones and pay attention.”

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