Alexis Morris And Adjusting To The Pros

Photo Credit: Phil Zolla

By DJ Harding –

In the span of one month Alexis Morris became a National Champion at Louisiana State University, drafted with the 22nd pick by the Connecticut Sun, and started training camp with the Sun.

After Practice I had the chance to ask Morris a couple of questions about adjusting to the Pros.

Part of the adjustment for Morris is finding the right place for practice as she got lost in Mohegan Sun on her way to practice as she posted on her TikTok.

“We’re staying in Mohegan Casino and it’s huge,” said Morris. “ I’ve never stayed in a hotel that large and I love the view, the scenery. I feel like I’m on a vacation right now. Nothing against the Casino but it’s very confusing”

Morris also has worked on adjusting on the court in training camp.

“I’m embracing the learning process and applying things faster. I have to pick up on things quicker Coach Steph (Stephanie White) has put emphasis on that and I put pressure on myself to improve on that.” Morris told me

The former LSU Guard would make similar statements during media day mentioning things about asking teammates about plays and building chemistry with the vets.

During media day she talked about how the pace of the game was quicker and asked vets about if the game felt faster to them during their rookie seasons.

This correlated to our conversation from a couple of days earlier when I asked her what’s the biggest improvement she’s hoping to make to her game.

“Moving on offense and erasing the stagnancy out of my mind.” Morris told me “Changing my thought process when basketball I want to elevate and make sure I’m moving and cutting with a purpose. I have the speed but the pace is different and I have to get used to that.”

My conversation with Morris would transition to looking back on her college days and she recalled her favorite memory of crowd surfing and I asked her about if she’s reached out to her college teammates.

“Well I texted Angel for her birthday” Morris Remarked “But we all on our own waves and own paves in life” 

Alexis Morris is on her own path indeed as she is on her on quest to make a roster spot for the Connecticut Sun.

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