1 Adult And 3 Juveniles Arrested With Loaded Firearms In Roslindale, Massachusetts

By Floyd Hartnett

Boston Police, Friday night arrested Daishawn Brown, 33, of Eliot, Maine, and three juvenile males with loaded firearms at the Oaklawn Cemetery in Roslindale.

Boston Police said “Officers were on directed patrol in the area due to a recent 911 call for a group with guns. As Officers approached the group, one male began to walk away from the group.  Officers stopped this male and recovered a loaded firearm from his waistband. The male was taken into custody without further incident.”

“Officers began speaking with the other members of the group, and following the original investigation, officers recovered another three firearms and arrested Brown, and Two additional juvenile males,” Boston Police said in a statement.

Daishawn Brown was charged with Unlawful possession of a firearm 3rd Offense, Unlawful possession of a loaded firearm, and Unlawful Possession of Ammunition.  

The three juvenile males are charged with Unlawful possession of a Firearm, Unlawful Possession of ammunition, and Carrying a Loaded Firearm.

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