Worcester Railers Fall To The Reading Royals

By Tiffany Williams –

In downtown Worcester Friday night the Railers were back on the ice and hosted the Reading Royals. This was the 41st regular season meeting between the Railers and the Royals.

In the first period Bajkov, Cressey and Cormier each had a goal for the Reading Royals. At the end of the 1st period it was a 3-0 Royals lead.

At the start of the second period Jared Brandt of the Royals and Jordan Smotherman of the Railers got into a little scuffle and bothe were called for roughing and sent to penalty box for two minutes.

In the second period Mitchell Baimas made a power play goal for the Railers and Brad Morrison and Garret Cockerill both had a goal for the Royals. At the end of the second period it was a 5-1 Royals lead.

In the third period with 8:10 on the clock,  for the Railers, Blake Christensen made a goal with the assist by Myles McGurty. With 13:38 on the clock, Blake Christensen made his second goal of the game with the assist by Mitchell Balmas and Cole Coskey. At the end of the third period it was a 5-3 Royals game.

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