40 Under Forty In 2021

New England is brimming with men and women with potential. No matter the ethnicity, race, or color, countless people have proven that anything is possible with hardwork and dedication to their pursuits. From athletes to entrepreneurs these people did not undergo the easy road toward success. They must have had countless failures before reaching where they are now. It is noteworthy that each of them has made a breakthrough even before reaching 40. Because of COVID-19 safety precautions, this year NewsTalk New England features 17 successful individuals under 40 to celebrate their success:

AJ Rivera

JD Griggs

Bobby Harris III

Jermoh Kamara

Carlos Martinez

Briana Azier

Jamaine Ortiz

Chastity Jamaria Bowick

Woodrow Adams Jr.

Papee Paye

Julian Rivera

Leo Nellz

Ayir Asante

Richard Rivera

Walter Reynolds

Jonathan Burgos

Echo Louissaint

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