Winthrop Police Investigating Fatal Shooting Incident

By Tiffany Williams –

What started out as a peaceful hot summer Saturday in Winthrop, at 2:41 p.m., quickly turned into a chaotic and deadly day.

It was at the corner of Shirley and Cross Streets where a stolen truck crashed, the driver witnesses say climbed out of the truck, climbed over a fence, started casually walking down the street, then started jogging and then started shooting.

A woman and a man were both fatally shot before the driver was engaged by Winthrop police and fatally shot as well.

Police have not yet identified the two victims or the suspect but sources have confirmed that the man who was fatally shot by the suspect, was a retired Massachusetts State Trooper. His body on Saturday night was escorted by police to the Chief Medical Examiners office in Boston.

As for the truck, it was confirmed stolen from Rapid Flow Drain Cleaning in Revere and the house that it crashed into, was flattened.

No one was inside the house but two people were involved in the crash. They were taken to an area hospital and are expected to survive.

Winthrop is just outside the Orient Heights section of East Boston and is known to be a very safe town.

Police are continuing to investigate this shooting incident.

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