Sports Rewind – WooSox, Boston Red Sox And The C’s Get Their Guy

By Tiffany Williams –


The WooSox have not been looking good on the road against Rochester. This six game stretch started on Tuesday night with the WooSox winning 10-6 but then someone turned off the lights on the WooSox who lost game two on Wednesday night, 3-5 (Rochester). Thursday night, could they have snapped back from Wednesday night? Yes but sadly the didn’t and lost 5-13 (Rochester). Okay, Thursday night stung but to make things worse, there was no bounce back on Friday night as the WooSox fell, 2-3 to Rochester. This has just been a bad luck stretch for the WooSox and some folks may have little confidence in the WooSox winning game five Saturday night but my prediction is that the WooSox will win Saturday. They’ve been beaten all week and they need to snap back, and I think that Saturday will be that snap back game they need to make a statement that this team is still alive. If the WooSox wanna win Saturday, they need to clean things up on both sides of the ball. If the WooSox can’t put things together Saturday, they I can’t see them bouncing back on Sunday and Rochester will take this six game stretch.

Boston Red Sox

On Friday night it was a game of rivals at Fenway Park and the Boston Red Sox beat the Yankees, 5-3. Friday night was the Boston Red Sox fourth straight win over the Yankees. Boston Red Sox and the Yankees will play again Saturday night and first pitch will be at 7:15 p.m. and Nathan Eovaldi is expected to start this one. Eovaldi is an undervalued pitcher who has worked his way to the front of the rotation. Even with Eavaldi starting, after last night, I’m not expecting a bang for the sox Saturday night. I do think that they can win it but this will be a great contest between two great lineups.

The Celtics

The Celtics had a lot of great opportunities for their head coach, going with Ime Udoka is not something that I had thought about at first but when his name came up in a conversation, I thought that it would be a perfect fit for both the Celtics and for Udoka.Not just as a player in the NBA but as an assistant coach as well, this is a guy that knows how to read this game and brings out the best in his players to go after wins. As a player, Udoka played in the NBA for seven seasons, he played In the NBA development league, has played in both France and Spain. Also, for the Nigerian national team. As an assistant coach, he is very well respected and contributed to the Brooklyn Nets under Steve Nash. Brad Stevens has made the right decision in picking Udoka just like he made the right decision to Walker go and get Al Horford back. There has been so much tension withing this franchise but Brad is taking care of that. However this team has so much building to do right now to get back on the path to winning another championship banner.

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