Brockton Man Arrested For Cocaine Trafficking And Possession of A Firearm

By Tiffany Williams –

Wednesday, June 16, 2021 State Police and Brockton Police executed a search warrant at an undisclosed location in Brockton. The target of the search warrant was Amilton V. Araujo.

The execution of this search warrant was the result of an ongoing investigation by the State Police and Brockton Police.

At approximately 10:30 a.m. surveillance of the target location was set up and at approximately 11:20 the target of the search warrant was observed exiting a side door of the target location.

The target of the search warrant walked towards his vehicle but however he was approached by and stopped by members of the State Police STOP team. The target at this time was detained without incident.

The target proved investigators with a key to the target location. Investigators knocked on the and announced their presence. They then used the key provided to them by the target to enter the target location.

After doing a protective sweep of the target location, investigators began conducting their search of the target location.

During their search, investigators recovered on kilogram of cocaine, 300 grams of fentanyl, on handgun, marijuana, ammunition, drug packaging material and some US Currency.

Amilton V. Araujo, was taken into custody and has been charged with cocaine trafficking (200 grams or more), possession to distribute class D drug, possession of a firearm without FID card, possession of ammunition without FID card and possession firearm in felony.

Amilton V. Araujo was arraigned at Brockton District Court on Thursday, June 17, 2021 and was ordered on dangerousness to the Plymouth County House of Correction until a detention hearing on Wednesday, June 23, 2021.

On Wednesday, Amilton V. Araujo appeared in Brockton District Court for a detention hearing. Judge Michelle Fentress ordered that Amilton V. Araujo he on dangerousness and return before the court on Tuesday.

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