State Police And Worcester Police Arrest Worcester Man For Drug Trafficking

By Tiffany Williams –

Over the past couple of months, Worcester Police with the State Police and the DEA have been conducting and undercover operation involving a drug trafficking organization.

State Police say that this drug trafficking organization has been selling counterfeit Adderall which is suspected to be methamphetamine, counterfeit oxycodone which is suspected to be fentanyl, counterfeit Xanax which is suspected to be Etizolam, cocaine, MDMA, and marijuana.

On of the distributors was identified by State Police as Quentin Chew, of 145 Beaconsfield Rd. in Worcester.

In early May, State Police say that an undercover police officer met with Chew at the Price Chopper on Park Ave. The undercover allegedly purchased approximately 367 counterfeit Adderall pills which are suspected to be methamphetamine. The undercover police officer paid Chew $850.

State Police say that after the undercover officer purchased the counterfeit Adderall, they took the counterfeit Adderall to the Worcester County State Police Detective Unit. At the SPDU, the counterfeit Adderall was field tested and the test was positive for methamphetamine.

With the information that they had, the State Police obtained a search warrant and executed that search warrant on Monday morning at approximately 6AM.

While executing the search warrant, cocaine and counterfeit Xanax were discovered. The search of Chew’s residence was suspended because the original search warrant was for records and proceeds evidencing the sale of illegal drugs.

After obtaining a new search warrant which included drugs, the search resumed. While executing the search warrant, 65 grams of cocaine, 100 counterfeit Xanax pills suspected to be btizolam, 15 grams of counterfeit oxycodone pills suspected to be fentanyl, a loaded large capacity 9 .mm semiautomatic handgun and two digital scales were all recovered.

Chew was arrested on Monday and was arraigned in Worcester District Court. He is charged with cocaine trafficking, trafficking methamphetamine, trafficking fentanyl and possession of a large capacity firearm.

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