Pirates Win Season Opener In Louisville

By Tiffany Williams –

On Saturday night the Massachusetts Pirates played an impressive 2021 season opener against the Louisville Xtreme of the Indoor Football League. The Pirates beat the Xtreme 49-18

Chucky Williams, whose in his second season with the Pirates had a nice fumble recovery in the first quarter.

J.D. Griggs also picked up a fumble recovery in the first quarter and got the first touchdown of the game for the Pirates.

The first quarter ended with the Pirates leading the Xtreme 7-0.

The second quarter, started with a pass-run touchdown for the Pirates. Then Xtreme Bryan Hicks got a pass out and down to Edgar Poe to get a touchdown. Pirates came back with a perfect pass from Alejandro Bennifield to Thomas Owens for a touchdown.

The second quarter ended with the Pirates leading 21-6. The first half was dominated by the Pirates.

Bryan Hicks got the first touchdown of the second half, third quarter for the Xtreme. Pirates, Alejandro Bennifield threw a forward pass that would have been a turnover if it hadn’t been for Thomas Owens recovering the ball and getting his second touchdown of the game.

The third quarter ended with the Pirates leading 28-12.

In the fourth quarter at the KFC Yum! Center, Alejandro Bennifield ran short up the middle to get a touchdown for the Pirates.

Bennifield then threw a long deep pass and it was caught by Thomas Owens to get his third touchdown of the night.

In the fourth for the Xtreme, Dalton Oliver took over for Bryan Hicks and he got a pass down deep to Quan Shorts in end zone for a touchdown.

Justin Stockton for the Pirates got in with a touchdown.

The Fourth quarter and game ended with the Pirates dominating the game from the start and winning it 49-12.

Louisville, It’s where the 2021 season really begins for the Massachusetts Pirates and they showed some toughness Saturday night. If they can figure out and fix a few kinks they could have a perfect season.

Thomas Owens had a great performance Saturday night. He is without a doubt a high-quality athlete who shows the top-end speed, acceleration, and quick twitch to play this game.

Alejandro Bennifield, also had a great game. This is a guy who has good football IQ and discipline to consistently make plays.

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