Celtics Win Game 4 And Stay Alive

By DJ Harding –

The Boston Celtics traveled to Miami for Game 4 of their seven game series against the Miami Heat.

Miami has won the first three games and has a 3-0 lead with Jimmy Butler at the helm.

Butler has averaged 26 points per game in this series thus far in what had been a magical eight seed run by the Heat.

Butler scored 29 points while having 9 rebounds and 5 assists.

Miami’s undrafted stars have also been crucial, combining for 79 points in game 3.

The four undrafted players would combine for 44 points in game 4 much lower than in game 3

The Celtics star duo have struggled in this series thus far.

Tatum would score his first fourth quarter field goal in game 4. Tatum scored 34 points in game 4 along with grabbing 11 rebounds and dishing out 7 assists.

Jaylen Brown, the other half of the star duo, has averaged 16 points per game in this series while shooting 10% from three. Brown once again scored 16 points in the game 4 win.

Grant Williams who was a main part of the Miami game two loss would hit 4 three pointers and score 14 points.

Al Horford who has struggled from three would hit 3 of his own in a 12 point performance.

Boston Ultimately keeps their season alive and will bring the series back to Boston for game 5.

Jayson Tatum postgame said “we weren’t trying to win four games tonight we were just trying to keep our season alive and win tonight.”

Win tonight they did as they will play Thursday with a chance to keep their season alive once again.

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