Dominican National Sentenced In Hartford To 30 Months For Heroin and Fentanyl Distribution

By Tiffany Williams –

On Tuesday, April 11, 2023 at the the United States District Court in Hartford, Connecticut, U.S. District Judge Vanessa L. Bryant sentenced Jeffrey Amarante-Perez, 29, of the Dominican Republic to 30 months of imprisonment, followed by three years of supervised release.

Amarante-Perez, who has been detained since his arrest on July 1, 2022, on November 15, 2022, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute heroin and fentanyl.

Amarante-Perez was arrested as a result of an investigation into a Waterbury-based drug trafficking operation headed by Nestor Sosa-Ortiz. 

During this investigation, which included the use of court-authorized wiretaps, physical surveillance, and controlled purchases of narcotics, law enforcement determined that Amarante-Perez and his brother, Jeisson Amarante-Perez, served as an alternate source of drug supply to the Sosa-Ortiz organization, and that Edwin Rivas-Cruz was a drug courier for the Amarante-Perez brothers.

Jeisson Amarante-Perez and Rivas-Cruz were intercepted over a wiretap coordinating narcotics transactions, and drug ledgers seized from the Sosa-Ortiz organization in October 2019 indicated drug debts to Jeffrey Amarante-Perez of more than $30,000.

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