Long Island Nets Execute 23 Point Comeback Against Lakeland Magic

By DJ Harding –

The Long Island Nets have secured a spot in the G-League Playoffs while their opponent the Lakeland Magic are trying to fight for theirs currently out of the playoffs but only sitting a game behind sixth place.

The Nets are 22-7 while the Magic are 16-13.

The Magic started the game like a team who knew that their playoff lives depended on a win scoring 38 points in the first quarter and 33 in the second. The Nets would score 28 and 22 respectively putting them down 21 points at halftime.

The Magic would at one point have a lead of 23 points. But sometimes 23 points isn’t enough.

The first place Long Island Nets would prove why their in first and are tied for the best record in the league as they would outscore Lakeland 39-22. The Magic went from a 23 point lead to four within a quarter.

The Nets took that momentum and outscored the Magic by ten points in the fourth quarter and would go on to win 118-112.

The Lakeland Magic’s leading scorer in this game was Au’Diese Toney with 24 points as the Magic fall to 16-14 which is ninth in the Eastern Conference.

The Nets would see a 30 point outing from their G-League All Star David Duke Jr in their 23 point comeback which would bring their record to 23-7 and keep them at first in the Eastern Conference.

Both teams will return to action on Thursday in a rematch of todays game.

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