300 Worcester Police Officers Expected To Begin Wearing Body Cameras

By Tiffany Williams –

On Monday Worcester Police announced the launch of its Body Camera Program on February 27, 2023.

Worcester Police says, “Three hundred officers will be equipped with body cameras during their shifts. All officers have been trained on how to properly use the equipment. In addition, a Pilot Program was conducted in 2019.”

The new body camera program Worcester Police said is “Expected to enhance safety, accountability, and transparency.”

Worcester Police also hopes the new body camera program will “Improve community relations and evidence with an emphasis on strengthening public trust in the department.”

Worcester District 1 City Councilor Sean M. Rose talked with NewsTalk New England about the body cameras and said, “im thrilled that the body cameras are finally coming online. It was July of 2020 when I met with police union officials to accelerate body cameras coming to fruition. A lot has transpired between then and now but my position remains the same. Everyone has wanted transparency, safety, and accountability for our WPD and the community as a whole. Come Feb. 27, we get just that. I couldn’t be happier.

A contract for the technology and training, Worcester Police said “Was awarded to Axon, from whom the department acquired 300 body cameras and sixteen hours of training in the equipment and proper use of the body cameras. Officers were shown the equipment in detail, including mounting options and operation of the camera. In addition, officers learned how to use the online interface and how to input the data linking their incident to the video.”

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