Brionna Jones holds first press conference since resigning with Sun

By DJ Harding –

Brionna Jones held her first press conference since resigning with the Connecticut Sun. The two time all-star and 2022 sixth woman of the year signed a one-year deal.

Jones during the press conference said “I’m extremely grateful to be back in Connecticut and looking forward to next season.”

Jones was drafted eighth overall in the WNBA Draft by Connecticut and has played all six seasons with the Sun. Head Coach Steohanie White and General Manager Darius Taylor were also present during the press conference

General Manager Taylor said “We are glad to bring Brionna back and she fits our grit don’t quit motto” 

Coach White spoke on having Jones back and said “ I’m glad to have Breezy back as she is a centerpiece of this team.”

Coach White would later speak on her role with the team saying “Bri is a great teammate and leader. She’s consistent and will get a bigger role this season. She’ll get more shots, opportunities, and minutes. This League is a two-women game and her ability to screen will open up more opportunities on that front.”

Jones would answer a question speaking on her time overseas in Prague which is her 4th season there saying “I’ve spent 4 seasons there and I use it to find ways to improve my game and get better for the WNBA season as well as when I play overseas.”

Jones would specify on the improvements she made identifying her work in the low post as well as shooting ability as big things she worked on this offseason. When asked about being a veteran in this league and being a leader she leads more by example and assumes the role will become more vocal this season. When asked what inspires her leadership she said “ I’ve played with tons of great players and am grateful to have done that because it’s given me the ability to take bits and pieces from different people to define my leadership.”

General Manager Taylor would answer a question on the focus of this team saying “ To contend for champions in the future (referencing making it to the finals in the 2022 season) and compete with the Vegas’s and the New York’s of the world, not to downplay any other team. But we definitely have the roster to compete.”

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