Cinderella Comes to Ball!!

By DJ Harding –

Prior to tip-off of game 3 of Holiday tournament action between the Shrewsbury High Colonials and the Wachusett Mountaineers. I had a chance to speak with the Mountaineers media team beside us in the booth at Assumption College, and asked them who should I look out for and they said two names “Jake Chaisson and Anthony Zingarella” 

Chaisson had a great game but the story of the game was the man I nicknamed Cinderella during our broadcast. Whether you think of Cinderella Man the movie or the Disney princess. This kid came to play leading his team with 16 points and a great block in a game that was a runaway. 

Wachusett got out early having 25 before the end of the first half. But on the other end Wachusetts great defense held Shrewsbury to 32 points the whole game and not letting them hit 25 until the 4th quarter. 

The way the Mountaineers came out would make you think they had a better record than 0-4 going into tonight’s game. But at the end of the day like I said in the play by play broadcast the Pumpkin is a carriage, the rags are a dress, and the shoe fits because Bibbity Bobbity boo Cinderella came to ball! 

The Mountaineers move to 1-4 and finish in 3rd place in the Laska invitational, winning the 3rd place game. 

Shrewbury going 0-2 in this holiday tournament ended in 4th. But while Shrewsbury has to go back to the drawing board, Wachusett is riding the wave of the Cindereela Man himself, Anthony Zingarella.

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