The Highlanders Keep Rolling

By DJ Harding –

With a 5-0 start to the season that included a Josiah Reyes buzzer beater. Coach Jermaine Chavis and the Doherty High Highlanders were coming into this game versus the Shrewsbury High Colonials with nothing but momentum. 

The game started with a 10 to 8 first quarter with the Highlanders only up 2 points and quickly went from seemed like an even matchup to a lopsided victory. Talking to Coach Chavis after the game he spoke on that second quarter spark saying “ We are an athletic team and when you have a big gym like Assumption you want to stretch the floor and get out running” and indeed they did I’d call it more of a sprint as Doherty outscored Shrewsbury 22 to 9 in the second quarter.

Coming out of the half what was good only got greater for the Highlanders as Joey Bowden scored 6 points in 2 quick 3-pointers and from there they brought the lead out further, nearly doubling the 15 point lead at halftime and finishing the game with a 28 point win. The Highlanders are now 6-0 and this is the first time in Coach Chavis’s career the Highlanders have started like this, he told me. Speaking to Joey Bowden the Highlanders captain after the game he spoke on the great start saying “ It’s amazing and I can’t wait to see how far we go.” 

How far they can go is a good question, which will get tested Thursday as they take on Saint John Pioneers for the finals of the 18th annual Laska Yuletide Invitational. Coach Maine said practice will happen for the highlanders Wednesday where he emphasized working on defense. Will they get to 7 wins straight? That will be answered on Thursday at 7:30 pm in Assumptions gym and we’ll see if the Highlanders can keep on rolling.

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