Second Time Around – Main South v. Worcester Tech

By DJ Harding –

Today at south high as part of a Holiday Tournament the Worcester Tech Eagles took on the Main South Cougars. As a Main South alumni this is a matchup that both teams have circled on their schedule because of the rivalry between the 2 schools. 

This past Thursday Main South took round 1 of this fight winning by 14 vs Worcester Tech. But the story of this game was Worcester Tech and the absolute flip in results as The Eagles won by 29 points in a 72 to 43 victory. What was a relatively close game throughout the first with a ton of back and forth that resulted in a Worcester Tech 12 point Lead at Halftime.

What was a Make or Break 3rd quarter for the Cougars quickly became a break so hard it snapped like a Kit Kat as Tech opened up the floodgates as the Cougars only scored 12 points in the entire second half. 

Both Teams resume action in this holiday tournament on Thursday at South High. What will have to be a rebound game and a way to bounce back for the Cougars, will be a chance for Tech to win 2 in a row as they have their heads held high as they beat the Cougars the second time around.

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