Celtics Top The Heat 111-104

By Tiffany Williams –

At FTX Arena in Miami, the Celtics picked up their second win to start the season, beating Miami 111-104. 

Jayson Tatum put 29 points on the board tonight while Jaylen Brown put 28 points on the board tonight. 

Both Derrick White and Grant Williams put 10 points on the board while Al Horford put 9 points on the board and Marcus Smart put 8 points on the board. 

Jaylen Brown in the first period made a two point shot to get the Celtics into the game.  

At the end of the first period it was a Celtics game 30-22 and at the end of the second period going into the half, the Celtics controlled this game 59-51.

At the end of the third period it was an 89-77 Celtics game and at the end of the fourth period it was 111-104 for the Celtics to walk away from this one with W. 

Saturday night the Celtics will look to go 3-0 as they visit Orlando.

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