Upping the Ante on CT Public Schools HVAC Systems

By Tamika McMayo  –

Governor Ned Lamont, and his administration recently announced a  $150 Million order for an Additional Air Filtration System elevation in Connecticut Public Schools

Of late the $150 million state grant  program will be prone to backing of the heating ventilation and air condition (HVAC) within all Connecticut Public Schools (CPS) systems. And with the start of the 2022-2023 school this new state program couldn’t come at a better time.  

As all gear for the kick-off of the school year for 2022-2023, since everyone has spent nearly a year tending to be cooped up indoors all due to the covid19 pandemic.  

So, according to Governor Lamont, ” what the pandemic has witnessed to us all, is that many school buildings within our state, the building structures haven’t held up to par as newly renovated buildings are still within the development phase of construction.”  

With the fresh $150 million state this can better improve the health of everyone working in our Connecticut Public Schools. Adhering to the modernization of ventilation, this can truly improve the health of everyone working to better the lives for all,  especially with children who can adhere to declining health issues with asthma.  

One thing is for certain that with  The COVID-19 pandemic has shown us, is that we have to reinforce a major need for advancements HVAC systems in schools across the state, especially in older school buildings that in desperate need of a major old-new school makeover  

So, let’s gear up for a better today, and hope that the new upgrades can adopt a better tomorrow for everyone seeking a change to their lives and health.

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