Worcester Red Sox Win 7-6 Against RailRiders

By Tiffany Williams –

Saturday night the Worcester Red Sox had their fifth meeting with Scranton/Wilkes-Barre RailRiders (AAA-Yankees) as part of their six-game set against the team this week. The first half of this six-game set was woefully depressing for Worceter. But Friday night, Worcester turned things around with a 14-5 win. Then tonight, Worcester claimed a 7-6 win with ten hits and two homers.

Devlin Granberg opened up this game at the top of the second, hitting a single to help drive in Triston Casas to put Worcester in the game 1-0. Bottom of the second, Phillip Evans hit a single to help drive in Armando Alvarez and make this a 1-1 game. 

 Top of the third Worcester took a four point lead with a homer by Ronaldo Hernandez to drive in Abraham Almonte and Enmanuel Valdez. Then Connor Wong hit his seventh homer of the season to put Worcester on top 5-1.

Bottom of the third, Oswald Peraza hit his sixteenth homer of the season for the RailRiders to make it a 5-2 game, and then Rob Brantly hit a double to help drive in Oswaldo Cabrera to make it a 5-3 Worcester lead. 

Bottom of the fifth the RailRiders made this a 5-5 game with both Oswald Peraza and Rob Brantly scoring. Top of the sixth Worcester pulled away from the RailRider by two with both Ryan Fitzgerald and Devlin Granberg scoring. Bottom of the seventh, Oswald Peraza scored for the RailRiders, and with both eighth and ninth remaining scoreless Worcester walk =ed away from this game with a 7-6 win.

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