Worcester Red Sox Beat Bison 1-2, Yard Goats Beat Sea Dogs 6-1 And Fisher Cats With 2 Homers Fall 2-6 To Rumble Ponies

By Tiffany Williams –

Tuesday night, back in action, the Worcester Red Sox picked up their second straight win, their first against the Buffalo Bison. This was a 1-2 win for Worcester with Devlin Granberg scoring to make it a 0-1 Worcester lead in the top of the sixth. At the bottom of the sixth Gabriel Moreno scored for the Boison to tie the game 1-1. But at the top of the ninth Christin Stewart scored to get Worcester a 1-2 win and their second since Sunday.

The Hartford Yard Goats haven’t lost a game since July 13, and with Tuesday night’s 6-1 win, they’ve extended their winning streak to eight. Bottom of the third, Willie Maclver made it over the plate to get the Yard Goats a 0-1 lead. And then Isaac Collins scored to put the Yard Goats on top 0-2. Top of the fifth David Hamilton hit his ninth double of the season to get the Sea Dogs in the game and make it a 1-2 Yard Goats game. The rest of this game was controlled by the Yard Goats, At the bottom of the fifth Hunter Stovall hit his seventh dinger of the season, bottom of the sixth Willie Maclver hit his thirteenth dinger to drive in Kyle Datres and make it a 1-5 Yard Goats lead, and at the bottom of the seventh, again Hunter Stovall hit a dinger, his second of the game, eighth of the season to help the Yard Goats secure their 1-6 win.

The Fisher Cats who won their last two games lost 2-8, Monday night against the Rumble Ponies. At the top of the first, Addison Barger hit his third homer of the season and at the top of the top of the third, Rafael Lantigua hit his third homer.

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