Worcester Red Sox Roasts The Pigs 16-2

By Tiffany Williams – 

Friday night under the lights in Allentown, PA., the Worcester Red Sox showed a huge turnaround getting a 16-2 win against the Iron Pigs in game four of six. 

At the bottom of the first the Iron Pigs showed up to this game with the only two runs that they would get in this contest. The hit parade for Worcester started at the top of the second with Ronaldo Hernandez hitting his seventh double of the season to help drive in Rob Refsnyder to make it a 1-2 Pigs lead. Roberto Ramos hit a sac fly and was out but it helped to drive in Christin Stewart to put this contest up 2-2. A double by Jaylin Davis helped to drive in Ronaldo Hernandez and put Worcester ahead 3-2. 

At the top of the third Rob Refsnyder hit his fifth dinger of the season to put Worcester up 4-2 and at the top of the fourth Yolmer Sanchez hit his seventh dinger of the season and drove in Jaylin Davis to put Worcester up 7-2.

At the top of the fifth Worcester turned up the heat in this contest with Jaylin Davis hitting a single to help drive in Ronaldo Hernandez and Roberto Ramos to put Worcester up 9-2. Yolmer Sanchez walked and Jaylin Davis advanced to second. Jarren Duran walked, Jaylin Davis advanced to third and Yolmer Sanchez Advanced to second. Jonathan Arauz walked and Jaylin Davis scored to put Worcester up 10-2.

The sixth inning went scoreless and then at the top of the seventh Worcester’s scoring parade continued with Jaylin Davis scoring to put Worcester up 11-2 Yolmer Sanchez scored to put Worcester up 12-2 and then Rob Refsnyder hit his first double of the season to help drive in Jonathan Arauz and put Worcester up 13-2. 

The scoring parade ended at the top of the eighth with Roberto Ramos, Jaylin Davis and Yolmer Sanchez to put Worcester up 16-2 and get their second win of this six-game set. On Saturday night Worcester will play game five of this six-game set in Allentown, PA. and they’ll attempt to get yet another win to take this series. Game six will be played on Sunday and then Worcester will have Monday off before a meeting with the Syracuse Mets at Polar Park in the Canal District on Tuesday to kick off a six-game homestand.

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