UPDATE: Victim Shot In Highgate, Vermont Has Died, Suspect In Custody

By Tiffany Williams –

NewsTalk New England first reported Saturday night about a shooting in Highgate, Vermont. We have continued to follow this developing story and Vermont State Police has confirmed that the victim who was shot, was pronounced dead Sunday afternoon at the University of Vermont Medical Center in Burlington.

Vermont State Police has identified the victim as Logan Pratt, 33, of Swanton, Vermont.

Vermont State Police has also confirmed the arrest of a suspect, Joshua LaFromboise, 29, of Highgate on suspicion of second-degree murder and attempted second-degree murder. 

Vermont State Police said “LaFromboise is a resident of the home at 4757 U.S. Route 7 where the incident began. Police believe the shooting was drug-related.”

Pratt and a second individual who Vermont State Police has identified as Brittnie Blanchard, 30, of Swanton were visiting LaFromboise at his house early Saturday morning when an altercation occurred. Blanchard and Pratt fled the home at about 5:15 a.m. in a silver 2017 Volkswagen Passat with Blanchard driving and Pratt in the front passenger seat. LaFromboise pursued them in a black 2012 Subaru Legacy.

About four miles south of the residence on Route 7, Vermont State Police says LaFromboise fired multiple rounds from a handgun at the Passat, striking the vehicle and Pratt. The VW’s rear windshield shattered, and Pratt was critically injured. The car went off the road and into a field before Blanchard returned to the street and continued driving, with LaFromboise still pursuing the Passat. 

Vermont State Police says a vehicle chase passed through multiple towns including Highgate, Swanton and St. Albans following U.S. Route 7, Vermont Route 78, Canada Street, Grand Avenue, and Highgate Road.

When Blanchard reached the intersection of Route 207 and Paquette Drive near the St. Albans/Swanton town line, she encountered Franklin County Sheriff’s Department deputies, waved them down and stopped her vehicle. 

The deputies provided immediate first aid to Pratt, who was subsequently taken by ambulance to the hospital. By this point, LaFromboise’s whereabouts were unknown.

An autopsy on Pratt is scheduled to take place at the Chief Medical Examiner’s Office in Burlington to confirm the cause and manner of death.

LaFromboise is expected to be arraigned Monday in the Criminal Division of Vermont Superior Court in St. Albans and he is being detained Sunday night pending the court’s determination of bail and conditions.

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