Worcester Red Sox Media Day

By Tiffany Williams –

Ahead of their season opener on the road Tuesday night in Jacksonville, the Worcester Red Sox were at home on Sunday morning at Polar Park for media day. 

Talking with Durbin Feltman in the clubhouse he told NewsTalk New England he was feeling good with himself and that it was good to be back. When asked about the vibe with the team Feltmn told us it’s good and that there’s a lot of new faces around, “A new year, a new team,” he said.

WooSox new Manager, Chad Tracey told NewsTalk New England that he was pumped to get here too Polar Park and see the new place. He also said the players were in good spirits during batting practice on Saturday. When asked about how he was feeling about the upcoming series in Jacksonville he told us that he was feeling confident.

The WooSox will kick off their season opener on the road against the Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp Tuesday night and the following week on April 13, they will return to Polar Park for their jome opener.

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