After 248 Days On Strike, Nurses At Worcester Hospital Returning To Work

By Tiffany Williams

After 284 days, the nations longest nursing strike in the nations history is over. Saint Vincent Hospital in Worcester announced early Friday night that it has reached a tentative agreement with the Massachusetts Nurses Association (MNA).

The hospital says that once the agreement is ratified, the hospital will restore striking nurses to their previous positions while retaining all permanent replacement nurses in their current positions.

In statement the hospital said that they believe “Every nurse who chose to work at Saint Vincent during the strike is a hero to this community, and they should be celebrated for their role in delivering quality care during this challenging time.”

Saint Vincent Chief Executive Officer Carolyn Jackson said, “The new contract will provide enhancements for patients and our team, and we are glad to finally end the strike and put our sole focus back on patient care.”

Jackson also said, “We will be setting a new tone at Saint Vincent Hospital: We are one team with a common purpose. Not striking nurses versus replacement nurses. Not nurses versus management. One team united behind the principles of professionalism, excellence, accountability, and compassion.”

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