Holy Cross Football Ends Season With 45-6 Win Against Bucknell

By Tiffany Williams –

The Holy Cross Crusaders have done it again, claiming their 9th win of the season Saturday with a 45-6 win against Bucknell.

Crusaders had two touchdowns in the first quarter. Two touchdowns and a field goal in the second quarter. One touchdown in both the third quarter and fourth quarter. Bucknell had one touchdown in the third quarter.

Holy Cross senior, Tenio Ayeni made sure to go out with one last touchdown and that came in the first quarter. Ayeni will end his college football career with four touchdowns  this season, 22 receptions and 34.5 yards a game.

The 2021 chapter for the Crusaders will end with six consecutive wins, eight 30+ wins, five 40+ wins and one 50+ win. 4185 offensive yards with 685 plays and 345 points. This season will be remembered by future generations as the first team to play a football game at Polar Park in the inaugural season of the Worcester Red Sox.

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