A New England 35-0, Beatdown In Philadelphia

By Tiffany Williams –

Another Thursday Night Football win for the New England Patriots and how sweet a 35-0, victory this was.

Before the game I said, that a Patriots win tonight would be all about execution and this was a perfectly executed game. The defensive system did their job and the offensive system did their job.

One thing that you saw wih the Patriots tonight that you didn’t see so much of last season, was the rhythm and how everyone was on the same page.

Also what helped the Patriots tonight, was staying focused and picking up on the mistakes made by the Eagles.

Earlier this week Coach Bill Belichick said, “Plays that are critical, game-winning or changing plays, you wanna make sure you are good on those.” Tonight the Patriots were great on those.

Cam Newton and Mac Jones, together want 21-of-28 for 259 yards and one touchdown.

J.J. Taylor, Rhamondre Stevenson, Sony Michel and Damien Harris together had 40 carries, for 207 rushing yards and four scores.

After last Thursday night’s 22-13 win over the Washington Football Team and with tonight’s win, the Patriots are 2-0 for preseason.

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