City Sliding Backwards On Masks – Mandating Masks Again In Schools And Municipal Buildings

By Linda Hilson –

Worcester will join Boston to require all students and staff wear masks. The decision was made Wednesday night by a vote of the School Committee.

Students in Worcester will return to classes starting August 30 and Superintendent Maureen Binienda made the recommendation that all students and staff members be required to wear masks to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

The order will apply to both students and staff vaccinated and unvaccinated.

Earlier this week, on Tuesday City Manager Edward M. Augustus, Jr. signed an Executive Order requiring the use of masks by all City employees and visitors in all municipal buildings.

The Order signed by the City Manager is effective Thursday, August 12, and applies to all vaccinated and unvaccinated City employees and visitors. The Order also applies to all City-organized events occurring indoors.

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