Red Sox Get Kyle Schwarber From The Nationals

By Tiffany Williams –

It came down to the wire but finally the Boston Red Sox made the official announcement that they made a deal with the Washington Nationals.

Kyle Schwarber, is who the Red Sox will be getting and it makes perfect since seeing the Red Sox need an upgrade at first base.

Some of you are probably scratching your heads right about now thinking I’m crazy. Kyle Schwarber is an outfielder however how many times have we seen the Red Sox develop players at other positions?

But lets pump the brakes right quick, Schwarber is on the injured list because of a significant hamstring injury he suffered in early July.

In the steps that he takes moving forward in his recovery, there might be a chance that you will see Schwarber playing with the WooSox as a pit stop before going to Boston. This is where you work with players to play in other positions. Player development, it happens in Worcester with the WooSox.

With the Nationals, Schwarber was in 72 games, he hit .253/.340/.570 (150 OPS+) with 25 home runs in 303 plate appearances.

Now you don’t get nothing for nothing and that means the Nationals are getting Aldo Ramirez for Schwarber.

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