“In Debt To A Vet” – U.S. Marines Dave Beech And Tom Beech

By Tiffany Williams –

Tuesday night the Worcester Red Sox game was postponed yet again due to rain. During each game the Worcester Red Sox honors our community heroes through their “In Debt To A Vet Program.”

At Tuesday night’s game the Worcester Red Sox were suppose to honor a father and son who both served in the United Sates Marines.

Corporal Dave Beech served three years with the 2nd Marine Division in North Carolina and with the 3rd Marine, in 1959, he served in Vietnam.

Dave’s son Tom Beech who is a Massachusetts Trial Court Officer, served from 1994 to 1998 in Kings Bay, Georgia with 1st battalion, 5th Marines. Tom was deployed to Okinawa with the 31st Marine Expeditionary Unit.

The “In Debt To A Vet Program.” is presented by TD Bank.

Thank you Dave and Tom for your courage, dedication and commitment to our Nation, Commonwealth and Worcester County.

Your service does not go unrecognized, Semper Fidelis Marines.



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