Worcester Police Recruits Officially Sworn In As Worcester Police Officers

By Tiffany Williams –

Friday, 23 recruits graduated from the Worcester Olice Academy, becomg Worcester Police officers and one recruit, graduated from the academy, becoming an Auburn police officer.

The graduation held at Worcester Technical High School was presided over by Chief Steven M. Sargent, attended by Worcester police command staff, local political leaders and most importantly the famiy and friensd of the recruits.

The class was made up of 24 recruits and an additional six were immediately sworn-in six months ago because they had already completed academy training.

The recruits of Class 01-21 are:

Shanelle D. Burbo
Michael C. Casey
Enyer R. Curiel
Rachel E. Frisch
Karolina A. Gawedzki
Michael M. Holder
Nikolas E. Koulalis
Erik C. Lacaire
Jacqueline T. Lapierre
Alexander D. Lavallee
Matthew J. Lyons
Alex J. Magliaro
Jackson M. McGrail
Juan N. Mieses
Leon Ngo
Jonhy A. Nunez
Joshua D. Openshaw
Jafet L. Ortiz
Jonathan A. Roy
Jeffrey R. Segura
Robert A. Sivazlian
Tyler R. Sterner
Adam B. Sthay
Juan J. Vallejo
Joshua Rahn – Auburn Police Department

For 01-21, traing began in January, lasted 23 weeks and today, they are now Worcester Police officers and are now well-prepared to serve their respective law enforcement agencies. All the recruits were highly trained in many areas with special focus on; patrol concepts, defensive driving, professional development, weaponry and unarmed defense, criminal investigation, ethics, emergency medical care and physical training, along with a host of other courses.

These recruits demonstrated their commitment to law enforcement by persevering and successfully completing this intense training amid the challenges they had to meet as a result of the pandemic. 

They will use the skills that they have learned to serve their communities with honor and distinction, understanding that they have a tremendous responsibility serve the residents of Worcester, protect our victims, and earn the trust of the residents that they will be serving.

These recruits have chosen public service at a challenging time, but as Worcester Daily News was able to follow these new officers while they were in the academy for two days, we know that their moral compasses will always point north.

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