State Police Arrest Pennsylvania Man In Auburn With Drugs And Guns

By Patricia Dawson

Early Friday morning at approximately 4:30 a.m., A stste trooper assigned to State Police-Holden, was on Route 290 eastbound in Auburn ok n the area of Exit 11 when he observed a white Ford Ranger make numerous marked lane violations.

The Trooper activated his emergency lights signaling the Ford to pull over. After the vehicle came to a full stop the Trooper approached the passenger side and identified the operator as Jeremiah Hinderliter, 32, of Cooksburg, Pa.

After gathering Hinderliter’s license and registration, the Trooper returned to his cruiser to conduct an RMV inquiry. While doing so, Trooper Barros observed Hinderliter lean over and reach toward the center of the truck.

Trooper Barros quickly exited his cruiser and ordered Hinderliter to stop moving then observed a small bag containing a substance suspected to be Crystal Meth and another bag containing a substance suspected to be Cocaine.

Trooper Barros conducted a search of the vehicle and quickly observed a loaded Ruger 9mm pistol in between the seat cushions. He also located a Rock Island Armory Model 200 pistol behind the passenger seat.

Hinderliter was placed under arrest and and charged with Illegal possession of a firearm (two counts), possession of ammunition without FID card, carrying a loaded firearm, possession of a class B substance (two counts), failure to Signal and marked Lanes Violation.

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