Teen Identified In Green Hill Park Pond Drowning

By Patricia Dawson –

A 14-year-old who died on Friday after attempting to swim across the pond at Green Hill Park, has been identified as Troy Love.

Worcester Police Officer Emanuel ‘Manny’ Familia, attempted to locate and rescue the teen however divers recoverd both of them from the water and both were pronounced deceased at an area hospital.

Family and friends with Love at the pond, say it was suppose to be a fun swim but as they made it to middle of the pond, that’s when they bagan to struggle and needed help.

Worcester Police Chief Steven M. Sargent, in a statement said, “The loss of Officer Enmanuel (Manny) Familia has been one of the hardest things any of us has had to deal with in our careers. We lost a true hero and the pain we feel from this loss has been overwhelming. But the outpouring of support that we have received over the past 24- hours has given us strength, comfort and has inspired us. On behalf of the men and women of the Worcester Police Department, I want to thank each of you for the support you have shown us during this very difficult time. Not one act of kindness has gone unnoticed. The love and support you have given us will carry us through the challenges that lie ahead. I ask that you continue to keep Manny’s beautiful family in your thoughts and prayers. Together, we will get through this as a community and as a family.”

Information about services for the teen, Troy Love and for officer Emanuel ‘Manny’ Familia have not yet been released but when they are, our sister outlet Crime Trackers Massachusetts will be covering that.

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