Boston Police E-18 DCU Arrests Female For Trafficking Fentanyl And Cocaine

By Tiffany Williams –

On Friday, May 7, 2021 officers with the Boston Police Department assigned to the district E-18 Drug Control Unit (DCU) were working in the area of the 800 block of Cummins Highway. This area is known to the E-18 DCU for illegal drug activity, including selling/buying and consuming illegal drugs.

While in the area officers observed a black Hyundai Elantra parked in the lot at America’s Food Basket near Fairway Street. Based off experience and training, officers believed the two occupants of the vehicle were both chronic drug users. Officers monitored the vehicle and the two occupants who appeared to be using their cell phones.

After running the vehicle registration, officers learned that the vehicle was registered to a female from Yarmouth. Based off of their experience and training, officers knew that often people from outside the city of Boston would come to the city to purchase illegal narcotics.

Officers continued to monitor the vehicle and observed a male exit the drivers seat and then a female exit the passenger seat. The female got into the drivers seat and the male walked away from the vehicle to the Burger King at 885 Cummins Highway.

The male was observed by officers to be leaning against the Burger King and smoking a cigarette. The male kept looking at his phone and based off the experience and training of the officers, the male was scanning the area as if he was waiting for someone to arrive. The male at one point entered the Burger King then exited and returned to the side of the Burger King.

The female after getting into the drivers seat drove up Cummins Highway to American Legion Highway. About ten minutes later the female arrived at the Burger King at which time the male entered the passengers side of the vehicle. They then drove from the Burger King to the Petro Plus Gas Station at the corner of Itasca Street and Cummins Highway.

Officers observed the male putting gas into the vehicle while the female walked to the side of the gas station, counted some money and then placed something into the waistband of her pants. Both the female and male then reentered the vehicle and drove down Cummins Highway towards River Street.

Based off of their experience, training and knowledge of the area, officers believed both the female and male were involved in illegal drug activity. Officers requested the assistance of a marked cruiser. As the marked cruiser arrived they conducted a traffic stop at Cummins Highway and River Street.

As officers approached the vehicle they identified themselves as Boston Police and then asked the male operator for his license and the vehicle registration. Officers also advised both occupants of the vehicle of their Miranda rights. The male was identified as Daniel Sheehy and the female was identified as Wendy Brooks.

As officers were speaking with Sheehy and Brooks they observed that Brooks was sitting with her legs together as if she were concealing something. After being asked if she were hiding something, Brooks replied no and adjusted her position.

As Brooks adjusted her position an officer observed what appeared to be a piece of crack cocaine fall from her. Brooks was removed from the vehicle and an officer recovered what appeared to be a piece of crack cocaine from the area of the vehicle where she was seated.

After a female officer had been requested to respond to the area, officers asked Brooks if she had any other drugs on her. Brooks informed officers that she had a “ball” on her. Based off of their experience and training officers knew this to be a street term for an 8-ball or an eighth of an ounce of cocaine.

After being directed by officers to retrieve the 8-ball, Brooks pulled a plastic baggie of crack cocaine from her waistband of her pants and gave it to officers.

After completing a search of the vehicle officers recovered three plastic baggies of crack from the rear passenger seat area, eight plastic baggies of fentanyl and another plastic baggie with cocaine.

The weight of the fentanyl was 40 grams and the total weight of the crack and cocaine was 20 grams.

Brooks informed officers that she met her supplier on Rexford Street and purchased 4 balls and that she gave them $2480.

Brooks was arrested and charged with trafficking class A and class B. She was arraigned in Dorchester District Court.

Sheehy was issued a summons to appear in Dorchester District Court. He has been charged with trafficking fentanyl and trafficking cocaine, both 18 grams or more.

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