Worcester Police Chief Breaking His Silence

By Tiffany Williams –

Worcester Police Chief, Steven M. Sargent is breaking his silence and offering out an olive branch to the Black community.

Chief Sargent who joined a Black Lives Matter rally and march in the wake of the George Floyd murder, has been under attack by a member of the Worcester Board of Health.

Last Wednesday, Chief Sargent released the following statement:

“I have attended Board of Health meetings to listen to discussions surrounding the important topic of racism. It was my intent to attend these meeting with the hope of deepening relationships with communities of color and to search for new ideas and best practices that may be applied to our department. I felt that these meetings would be an opportunity to engage in conversations that may lead to concrete steps that the community and police could take toward making improvements. However, over the course of these meetings a Board of Health member has been focused on making baseless attacks against me. I will not be responding to his toxic rhetoric. I will continue to meet with those who work to strive for the change that we all seek. I am willing to listen. I am willing to learn. I am willing to take action to make positive changes.”

The Chiefs statement came just days after Board of Health member David Fort accused the Chief of lying to the board and other city departments about alleged racism in the department.

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