Patriots Beat Buffalo 16-10

By Tiffany Williams –

Patriots took on the Buffalo Bills Sunday in Orchard Park, New York and the Patriots had the ball to open the game.

In the first half Brady was 9-for-22 for 90 yards and an INT. Michel had 11 carries for 44 yards. White had 4 catches for 52 yards. Patriots closed the first half 13-3.

Going into the second half, for the Patriots it was all about hanging on to the lead that they had and getting more while holding Buffalo but Allen came into the second half getting a touchdown for Buffalo making it 13-10.

Patriots Gostkowski had the 23-yarder answer for Allen’s touchdown making it a 16-10 game for the Patriots.

While they finished this game 16-10 and are now 4-0, I was not really into the Patriots offense. There was no offensive traction for the Patriots but that just goes to show how great the Buffalo D was.

This game was not won by the Patriots offensive side of the ball, it was all led by their defense.

While they still will remain undefeated, I think that this was the best contest yet this season for the Patriots. Sure they made some mistakes that they can’t continue to make down the stretch as we get deeper into this season.

The Patriots have gotta find some rhythm on the offensive side of the ball or this season will quickly turn from good to ugly.

Next week the Patriots will play the Washington Redskins at FedExField in Prince George’s County, Maryland.

With a 24-3 fall to the NY Giants on Sunday, The Washington Redskins are now 0-4.

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