Celtics Bounce Back Big In Game Two

By DJ Harding –

After a disappointing game one loss to the Philadelphia 76ers, the Boston Celtics would bounce back in a major way in game two.

With the return of current 2023 MVP Joel Embiid from a knee sprain some feared the 76ers would take a 2-0 lead.

For Celtics fans history was on the side of Boston as the last 14 times a home team loses game one they go on to win game two. Also Joel Embiid had a 1-8 record against Boston going into tonight.

Embiid has been quoted for his lack of success against Boston in the postseason saying “it’s not a rivalry if they always beat us.”

The Celtics would win the game 121-87 but would surprisingly have to do without Jayson Tatum for most of it as he would only play 19 minutes and score 7 points. 

Tatum would pick up two quick fouls in the first and get a third in the second quarter. Tatum didn’t get much time in the first half and would pick the fourth foul quickly in the third.

Tatum would sit for most of the third quarter which is when Boston would get hot which saw Boston gain a lead as big as 40 points. Tatum wouldn’t return to the game after picking up the fourth foul.

Jaylen Brown would be the Celtics leading scorer with 25 points. 

Malcolm Brogdon would be behind Brown with 23 points with a bounce back performance after giving up a late turnover in the unfortunate game one loss for Boston.

Behind Brown and Brogdon would be Marcus Smart and Derrick White who each scored 15 points.

The returning MVP for Philly would score 15 points in his first action in 13 days. The 76ers would have Tobias Harris as their leading scorer with 16 points.

Embiid would have his return not end well with a blowout loss for Philly as the Celtics even up the series 1-1.

Boston now is 9-1 against Joel Embiid in the Playoffs and looks to gain the series lead and regain home court advantage on Friday.

Game three will tip off at 7:30 EST

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