Large-Capacity Ghost Gun Seized By Springfield Police Detectives

By DJ Harding –

On Tuesday March 14th at approximately 6:00 p.m, members of the Springfield Police Firearms Investigation Unit (FIU) seized a large capacity Ghost Gun and arrested 18-year-old Bryan Rodriguez on the 100 block of Beacon Circle.

For the past several weeks, FIU Detectives have been conducting an illegal firearms investigation with Rodriguez as a suspect. 

On Tuesday Detectives received information that Rodriguez was in possession of a firearm.  

Detectives located a vehicle Rodriguez was a passenger in and conducted a traffic stop on the 100 block of Beacon Circle.

Detectives recovered a Ghost Gun with a green laser attachment loaded with 23 rounds of ammunition and capable of holding 31 rounds of ammunition.  

Rodriguez was placed under arrest.  The driver and other occupant of the car were released.

Rodriguez was charged with Carrying a Firearm without a License as and Carrying a Loaded Large Capacity Firearm on a Public Way.

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